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About Kadian

Kadian A. Gosler emerges as a luminary figure in the realm of lingerie design and research, boasting a distinguished career as a top-selling lingerie designer and merchandiser. Delving deeper into her multifaceted expertise, she ventures into the realm of bra wearables and smart bra design, carving a niche as an innovative design-researcher and budding technologist. Currently, Kadian embarks on a scholarly journey as a PhD scholar at the University of Arts London, where her research focus shines brightly on the exploration of 'Smart Bras: Developing an Experience-centred Bra Wearables Design Process for and with Mature Women'.

Her scholarly pursuits extend beyond the realm of design, as she stands as a co-developer of the esteemed research interest group 'Fashion and Ethnicity'. Moreover, Kadian assumed the esteemed mantle of founder and president of the illustrious Lingerie Society, a testament to her dedication and influence within the lingerie community.

As a final-year PhD Candidate under the guidance of industry luminary Professor Sandy Black within the esteemed Fashion & Textile Design and Technology department, Kadian delves deep into the intricacies of her research. Her co-supervisor, Dr. Aurore Bardey, a respected authority in the Psychology of Fashion, lends invaluable insight as Kadian explores the psychological dimensions of wearers' experiences and their relationship with the bra. She ladders theories from sociology, social psychology and fashion studies to underpin her interdisciplinary work.

Kadian's interdisciplinary approach blazes new trails in her field, as she endeavours to elucidate how bra wearables can transcend mere utility to become a viable consumer product. Her pioneering research places the experiences of women at the forefront, with a groundbreaking emphasis on the lingerie experiences of Black women—an aspect hitherto unexplored in scholarly discourse. In essence, Kadian A. Gosler's work represents a beacon of innovation and inclusivity, redefining the landscape of lingerie design and research.

As a successful leading lingerie designer and merchandiser Kadian has over ten years of professional industry experience. She has designed foundations, daywear, sleepwear and shapewear for the American mass market. Her designs have sold record-breaking units with companies turning to her to translate trends of the moment into production-ready mass-marketed designs. In 2015, Kadian started her own company, Kadian Antonique L.L.C., and began consulting. She consulted with many manufacturers looking to diversify their product categories and enter into the plus-size market.

Kadian received her Master of Fine Art in Merchandising and Management from the Academy of Art University. Her dissertation focused on intimate apparel for the tween/teen market developing innovative products and new design approaches. She specialised in Intimate Apparel design where she was awarded Critics Choice Lingerie Design 2007; graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and an Associates of Applied Science. Her fashion education began at the highly selective and specialised High School of Fashion Industries where she graduated with several scholarships from The UnderFashion Club, a non-profit dedicated to the Intimate Apparel Industry. Kadian has been awarded President’s Honours, Dean Lists and a number of awards for her designs.

  • The Lingerie Society
  • Post Graduate Mentorship
  • Adobe CC & CAD Design
  • Web PDM
  • SPSS & SmartPLS
  • Merchandising & Management
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Marketing & Branding
  • 3D Printed Fashion
  • Sewing, Draping, Grading & Patternmaking
  • Tambour & Hand Embroidery 
  • Designing Scents 
  • Illustration- Portraits
  • Baroque Art, Music, Architecture
  • Kickboxing
'Not all those who wander are lost...' J.R.R. Tolkien
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