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This theory and practise-based research aim to develop a design and production process for bras with 'wearable' capabilities, i.e. smart, interactive, and E-textiles termed Bra Wearables (BW). I argue for the bra, a feminine technology, to be evolved into BW through technological advancements and by becoming a feminist technology, designed and developed with women's involvement and their needs at the centre.


This two-staged research utilises a woman-centred approach focusing on the marginalised mature (45-64 years old)  women to explore their experiences and relationships to the bra. A conceptual model is developed and will be employed to approach designing BW products focused on health & wellbeing (mental, emotional, and sexual).


In the second stage, products are designed and developed, exploring varying methods to integrate the technology into the bra concentrating on concepts that enhances the mature woman's lived experience.

Link to University profile here.

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