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Research Interests


  • Dress and Embodiment

  • Race, Gender & Identity Consumer Practices

  • Ageing and Fashion

  • Black Female Sexuality & Femininity


  • Novelty Design Methods

  • Design for Experience

  • Design and Emotion 

  • Design Processes

  • Woman-Centred Design


  • Bra Wearables

  • Wearable Technology 

  • E-Textiles 

  • TRIZ Techniques

  • Patents as Information & Inspiration 

Current & Past Projects

Conferences, Symposiums & Workshops

March 2023

Can we design for wearer experience? An Exploratory Approach to Designing for Bra Wearables Experience

September 2022

Controlling the Bounce: Sports Bra Patents 1860's to 1960's

May 2022

Doctoral study in practice research in social design and design for sustainability 

November 2021

Methodology Madness

Presentation - UAL RNUAL Core Research Programme 2021

June 2021

Defining the Smart Bra Field: Insights from 21st Century Bra Patents

May 2021

Can I wear this? Should I wear this? – Who is allowed the pleasures of fashion?

Talk - UAL Postgraduate Community 'Fashion and Ethnicity' Interest Group

April 2021

'More than just being sexy': The Bras' Affect on Mature Women

March 2021

Smart Bras: Mixing Health & Design

March 2021

The Sustainable Bra: Analysis of Lingerie Brands Communication via Instagram

November 2020

Take on Me(thodology)

Presentation - UAL RNUAL Core Research Programme 2020

November 2020

Fashioning My Black Body: Reflections through Autoethnography

September 2020

New Technology & Materials: Insights from Bra Patents 1859 - 1940

August 2020

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Research

Invited Guest Lecturer  - Regents University London | Course: International Fashion Marketing

July 2020

Changes to Body and Sexuality: The Lingerie Experience

DIS2020 Virtual Workshop -'Don't Blush: Sexuality, Aging and Design'

October 2019

Is the future Bra Wearables? A Designer and Researchers' Perspective

October 2019

Scent & Lingerie Experience

Presentation & Workshop

September 2019

Blurring the Lines of Design

Invited Guest Lecturer - London College of Fashion | Course: Cognition in Design and Innovation 

June 2019

Black Women's Bra Experience - Yes it Matters! 

Symposium Presentation - Fashioning Inclusivity 2019 

May 2019

Futuristic Bras & Mature Women

Panel Discussion - Agile Ageing Alliance Congress

March 2019

Undressing to Address Mature Female Sexuality 


February 2019

Mature Women and The Bra: What's underneath matters...or does it?

Symposium Presentation - London College of Fashion 

June 2018

Futuristic Bras: Investigating Design and Production Process 

Symposium Presentation - London College of Fashion 

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